The “mouth-body” health connection is getting more publicity every day.  It is more important than ever to see your dentist regularly.

“How your dentist can save your life.  The dentist may be the most important doctor you see this year”

Readers Digest

“Recognizing inflammation as the common denominator in the pathobiology of cardiovascular and periodontal disease provides an excellent opportunity for dental and medical professionals to collaborate on decreasing patients’ risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD), or it progression”

Grand Rounds in Oral-Systemic Medicine

“Periodontal disease predicts mortality in diabetics.  Those with severe periodontal disease had a 28.4% death rate and those with no or little periodontal disease had a 3.7% death rate”

Diabetes Care

“Live oral bacteria found in arterial plaque”

University of Florida

“Cardiology is in the midst of a revolutionary shift in understanding the causes of heart disease.  After years of focusing on the role of cholesterol in clogging arteries, researchers now recognize C-reactive Protein, a measure of inflammation in artery walls and elsewhere, as a prime risk factor in its own right.”

New York Times

“Study shows that women with gingivitis who received periodontal therapy before 28 weeks of gestation had a significantly lower incidence of preterm low-birth weight babies than women who did not receive periodontal therapy.”

American Academy of Periodontology

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