Advanced Education and Training

Dr. Mandy Grimshaw has trained extensively in orthodontics and neuromuscular dentistry. She has been recognized for her advanced training with a Fellowship from the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVF). In addition, she has trained in the use of clear aligners for orthodontic treatment, including Clear Correct and Invisalign. She is also experienced in the use of traditional wire braces and removable appliances to help stimulate jaw development.

Our Neuromuscular Orthodontics Procedure

Dr. Grimshaw will use the TENS technology to check your bite.

TMJ and sleep apnea diagnosis

Before we start neuromuscular orthodontics, we want to assess the function of your jaw to determine if you have TMJ disorders. If so, you will likely get orthotic treatment before, and possibly during your neuromuscular orthodontics treatment.

We also want to test you for sleep apnea. If you have sleep apnea, we want to make sure it’s being treated before and during orthodontic treatment.

Finding the right orthodontic treatment

At Kuhn Dental, we have many options for orthodontic treatment. However, the ones available to you depend on your treatment goals. Dr. Grimshaw will determine which types of orthodontics can achieve the results you are looking for.

If you simply need to straighten teeth, you can choose any type of treatment. If you need more development of the jaw, your choices will be more limited.

Follow through with treatment

Orthodontic treatment can take a long time. After all, we are asking the body to reshape its bones, so you might be looking at a year or more of treatment. We can give you a good idea about how long it will take, but the actual treatment time depends on your body’s response, and how well you follow the treatment instructions.

Benefits of Neuromuscular Orthodontics

Although neuromuscular orthodontics can take a long time, they’re worth it, because they can give you many significant benefits, including:

  • Improved profile. Your jaws provide support for your lower face. Expanding the jaws can improve the appearance of your face, especially your profile. It can eliminate concerns about a sunken face and receding chin.
  • Expanded airway. Your airway is shaped by the bones of your skull, including your jaw. Expanding these bones can make more room for breathing. This can improve your breathing during the day and reduce or eliminate sleep apnea.
  • More room for teeth and tongue. Neuromuscular orthodontics does more than straighten teeth, but it can make room for crowded teeth, giving you an attractive straight smile. You might also find it’s easier to talk and you might not bite your tongue as much when eating.
  • Reduce or eliminate TMJ symptoms. When your jaw can move freely and function properly, you might notice that your symptoms of TMJ disorders diminish or go away entirely.

Get Neuromuscular Orthodontics in Aberdeen

If you are unhappy with the function of your jaw or the appearance of your profile, neuromuscular orthodontics might be able to help. Please call (910) 692-4450 today for an appointment with Aberdeen neuromuscular dentist Dr. Mandy Grimshaw at Kuhn Dental Associates.