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Preventive Dentistry

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During Quarantine

We have chosen to temporarily close our office for the protection of our patients, staff, and community.  We will offer emergency care as needed, but want our patients to ’prevent in the meantime. At Kuhn Dental Associates, we want to help our patients keep their teeth as healthy as possible until the […]

Don’t Lie To The Dentist About Flossing, Cuz They Know the Truth

“Been flossing,” asks the hygienist. “Sometimes,” you answer, which can mean once a month, once a week or just before the appointment, right?

Dental professionals like Dr. Mandy Grimshaw can tell if a person has been flossing correctly or not. The key word here is correctly. I want to make you aware, not guilty.

Did […]

Calcium – How Much Is Too Much?

There’s a recurring news story about calcium supplements that a number of my patients have found worrisome and confusing. It’s worth touching on and it reminded us that really, it’s an opportunity to talk to you about calcium’s importance to oral and overall health.

First the worrisome story. In August 2010 The British Medical Journal published a review […]