At Kuhn Dental Associates, we see a lot of patients for orthodontic consultations. When we go over our different options with our patients, one of the top questions that come up is what the difference between ClearCorrect and Invisalign is. To help our patients understand what makes these two clear aligner systems different, we’ve compiled a list of their differences. We hope this clarity helps you decide which treatment is best for you!


female hands holding clear braces One major difference between ClearCorrect and Invisalign is the treatment itself. Although they both use clear aligners, the treatment times are much different. For instance, ClearCorrect offers three different options:

  • Unlimited – This treatment provides an unlimited number of aligners until the desired results are achieved. Treatments can take up to 3 years to complete.
  • Limited 12 – This treatment uses 12 total aligners to move your teeth.
  • Limited 6 – This treatment uses only 6 sets of aligners to move your teeth. This type of treatment is most ideal for patients with minor problems or those who didn’t wear their retainers after having braces.

Invisalign operates similarly. They offer four different treatment plans including:

  • Full – You receive as many aligners as you need to accomplish your goals.
  • Express 10 – your treatment includes up to 10 aligners.
  • Express 5 – Your treatment only includes 5 aligners.
  • Teen – Specially made aligners specifically made for teens that include a compliance indicator to ensure teens wear them properly.

Cost of Invisalign and Cost of ClearCorrect

The cost of Invisalign ranges from $1,000 to $8,500 while the cost of ClearCorrect ranges from $2,000 to $8,000.

Material and Comfort

Invisalign uses thermoplastic material while ClearCorrect aligners use polyurethane resin. ClearCorrect uses a thinner material than Invisalign which some patients might find more comfortable. However, ClearCorrect aligners are weaker and more prone to damage. The thinner plastic is also sharper around the edges near your gums.


The last major difference between ClearCorrect and Invisalign is where the aligners are manufactured. ClearCorrect is made in the United States as a dental lab in Texas while Invisalign creates the aligners outside the US.

So which treatment is best for you? Since the two treatments can accomplish the same results, Dr. Grimshaw will discuss which one would work best for you and your needs during a consultation. To learn more about ClearCorrect and Invisalign in Aberdeen and to find out which is right for you, please schedule an appointment at Kuhn Dental Associates today by calling (910) 692-4450.