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4 Common Mistakes Patients Make With Invisalign

Have you decided it’s time for a straighter smile? Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment for adults and teens, alike. That’s because it branches out from the traditional way of thinking when it comes to braces. Rather than deal with metal wires and brackets, they offer clear aligner trays. This makes [...]

By |September 21st, 2021|Invisalign|

ClearCorrect vs Invisalign: What Makes Them Different?

Our Aberdeen cosmetic dentists see a lot of patients for {{{{link id='50394' text='orthodontic consultations'}}}}. When we go over our different options with our patients, one of the top questions that come up is what the difference between {{{{link id='52225' text='Invisalign clear braces'}}}} and {{{{link id='52221' text='ClearCorrect invisible aligners'}}}} is. To help our patients understand [...]

Is Invisalign® Better Than Braces?

If you need an {{{{link id='50394' text='orthodontic treatment'}}}}, you’re likely researching all of your available options. Our Aberdeen cosmetic dentists offer several orthodontic options to choose from including traditional braces, {{{{link id='52225' text='clear braces, Invisalign'}}}}, ClearCorrect, and early preventive orthodontic treatments. Unless you’re a young child, you really only have two options for orthodontics: [...]