One of the best ways technology is enhancing our lives is not only by giving us the ability to text someone off our wrist but also by alerting us if our health is in danger. Since smartwatches started tracking people’s heart rates, more and more people are aware of their cardiac health. In fact, Apple Watch is responsible for saving several lives due to their heart rate monitors. From alerting users of irregular heartbeats to early signs of a heart attack, smartwatches are saving and changing lives.

The newest development in the smartwatch community can help even more lives. Withings, a French digital health company has unveiled a new smartwatch with the ability to detect sleep apnea. With an estimated 85 to 90% of people who don’t know they have sleep apnea, Withings new watch could be game-changing.

man sleeping peacefully, laying on his side wearing smart watch

Why You Need a Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

One of the biggest problems with leaving sleep apnea undetected is that there are so many health risks associated with it. For example, when you suffer from sleep apnea, it can take a huge toll on your heart. It can leave you feeling fatigued throughout the day. Some sufferers even fall asleep while driving which can become fatal for themselves and others. With a proper sleep apnea diagnosis, people can receive the treatment they need. This will improve their health and prevent accidents from occurring.

Detecting Sleep Apnea with a Smart Watch

Withings new smartwatch, known as ScanWatch, is an activity and fitness tracker. It presents the ability to measure V02 max or the amount of oxygen used during aerobic exercise. It can also measure electrocardiogram (ECG).

The smartwatch measures the user’s heart rate continuously throughout the day. This makes it ready to alert them if it detects any issues like an irregular heartbeat or low or high pulse. When a user is sleeping while wearing the device, it not only measures their sleep patterns but measures their oxygen saturation levels throughout the night. This unique feature can detect episodes of sleep apnea.

If someone wearing the watch shows patterns of sleep apnea, they can then visit a physician for a proper sleep test. Once diagnosed, they can visit their dentist for an oral appliance. At Kuhn Dental Associates, we offer customized oral appliances to help our patients find the perfect fit that feels comfortable for consistent use.

If you suspect you have sleep apnea or would like a reliable treatment option, please visit Kuhn Dental Associates for a consultation. You can give us a call at (910) 692-4450 or contact us online.