woman sitting in her living room with a migraine headacheJune is national migraine awareness month. With June right around the corner and as a way to spread awareness about migraines, we thought we would share with our readers the early warning signs of TMJ to watch out for. Oftentimes frequent migraines are actually the result of untreated temporomandibular joint disorder.

Pain in the Jaw Area

One of the earliest signs of TMJ you may encounter is a pain in the jaw area. You will likely wake up with pain in the area in front of your ear, in your forehead, around your eyes, or in your neck. In addition to these painful areas, you may also wake up with a migraine. If you notice any of these symptoms, especially consistently, it’s a good idea to get evaluated for TMJ at Kuhn Dental Associates.

A Jaw that Pops or Clicks

Another early sign of TMJ is popping or clicking noises in your jaw when you open or close your mouth. The clicking and popping noise is actually the sound of the displacement of cartilage disc inside the joint. The disc slips forward when you close your mouth and then slips back into position when you open your jaw.

You might also hear a clicking or popping when you open your mouth too wide. Although clicking and popping are a major symptom of TMJ, in this case it’s usually not too much of a concern. The noise means you just hyperextended your lower jaw too far.

Frequent Headaches and Migraines

If you wake up with a headache almost every morning or find yourself trying different headache remedies that just won’t work, TMJ may be the cause.  Frequent headaches and migraines are common symptoms of TMJ because your face has muscles that run alongside the TM joint. When these muscles and your jaw tense up, the pain can spread throughout your face from the sides to the top of your head and thus causes a headache or migraine.

TMJ can also cause referred pain headaches. Referred pain headaches are your body’s way of telling you that you’re in pain but mixing up the signal as to where the pain is actually located. Although the pain is in your head, the source is in the TM joint.

Get Headache and Migraine Treatment

At Kuhn Dental Associates, we can provide you with TMJ treatment in Aberdeen that helps you get rid of your frequent headaches and migraines for good. If you’re tired of wasting time on treatments that don’t work and want to get your life back, completely pain-free, schedule a consultation with our TMJ dentist in Aberdeen. We will test you for TMJ and provide you with a TMJ treatment plan that works. Call us at (910) 692-4450 to schedule an appointment today.