Male with intense headaches. Headaches are a sign of TMJ - which we treat at Kuhn Dental, Pinehurst.

What is TMJ?

When jaw joints don’t work together a cycle of pain, muscle spasms and jaw joint problems result.  The letters “TMD” stand for temporomandibular dysfunction. This refers to problems with the muscles and joints that join the mandible bone of the jaw to the temporal bone at the base of the skull.

Symptoms of TMD

Symptoms my include headaches, worn teeth, painful muscles in the face, neck and shoulders, clicking and popping of the jaw joint, earaches, pain behind the eyes, difficulty opening and closing the mouth, ringing in the ears, tingling hands and other problems.

A problem bite can cause TMD

There are many causes of TMD, such as grinding of teeth, an injury and emotional stress.  But a very common cause is a bad bite. Fortunately, TMD is treatable.  Our doctors will analyze your bite using advanced equipment to identify any problems.  We may make you a custom made orthotic or we may replace missing teeth, move teeth or place crowns and veneers on all of the teeth.

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