If jaw joints don’t work together a cycle of pain results. TMD stands for temporomandibular dysfunction. This refers to problems with the muscles and joints that join the mandible bone of the jaw to the temporal bone at the base of the skull.

Symptoms of TMD include headaches, worn teeth, painful muscles in the face, neck and shoulders, clicking and popping of the jaw joint, earaches, pain behind the eyes, difficulty opening and closing the mouth, tingling hands and other problems.

Common causes of TMD include grinding of teeth, an injury and emotional stress.  But a very common cause is a bad bite.

A problem bite often exists when teeth are missing, misaligned, or worn down. These conditions can prevent the upper teeth from meshing correctly with the lower teeth, and this forces the jaw to shift position and the muscles work harder than they should to bring the teeth together.

Fortunately, TMD is treatable. We will analyze your bite and may have you wear a custom-crafted orthotic, for several months to relax the muscles.  Once we have stabilized your bite, we can permanently correct it.

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