Sedation dentistry uses medication to help you relax during dental procedures.  It is sometimes called “Sleep Dentistry“.  It is appropriate for people with real fear or anxiety about going to the dentist.

Nitrous Oxide – also referred to as “laughing gas” helps you relax as you breathe in the gas through a small mask.

NuCalm relaxation therapy – This system uses four components to bring you to a state of deep relaxation in about five minutes, without the use of narcotics.A nutritional supplement is used to naturally block adrenaline, followed by microcurrent stimulation to facilitate the relaxation process. Noise-cancelling headphones layer music with proprietary neuroacoustic software and dark glasses block stimuli so that you can retain a state of deep relaxation.

Oral Sedation – is a pill you take to make you drowsy. You will need a driver to take you home after this type of sedation.

IV Sedation – you get the drug through a vein. It works quickly and you go to sleep. You will also need a driver after this sedation.

Your comfort is our priority at Kuhn Dental Associates.  We offer gentle pain treatment.

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