Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials - JeneJene is happy with the full-mouth restoration she received from Dr. Grimshaw.

“Working with Dr. Grimshaw and everyone else was such a wonderful experience. I cannot say enough about the care I received along with the wonderful staff which exceeded my expectations. I can now order food without worrying how I’m going to eat it. I think I look younger and I feel better.

“The staff is very welcoming and they offer you coffee, tea and cookies. The office décor is pleasant. I very much appreciate Dr. Grimshaw’s knowledge and caring, friendly way. She is a great person.”



Patient Testimonials - AnitaAnita’s dental health and smile has improved 100% with her cosmetic dental treatments.

“I liked that I was involved in my treatment plan, because I came for a cosmetic fix and the doctors and staff dealt with my dental health as the first priority. They fully explained all options and alleviated all of my areas of concern. Dr. Ritt was thorough and provided patient and thoughtful care.

“The staff are warm, friendly and professional and very experienced. Every visit and treatment is steeped in a culture of excellence. I smile now without covering my mouth or being ashamed of my smile but more importantly, I know my dental health is 100% improved.”



Patient Testimonials - TomTom is very happy with his one-visit CEREC crown.

“The porcelain crown was totally completed in the dentist’s office so it was fast and convenient. All of the attentive staff are well-trained along with Dr. Grimshaw, and they have the latest equipment. The results of these procedures have been very satisfactory.

“Dr. Grimshaw is very professional and friendly. I would certainly recommend Kuhn Dental Associates to anyone.”



Patient Testimonials - GeorgeDr. Grimshaw treated George’s TMJ problem and provided effective relief for his headaches.

“I was referred to Mandy Grimshaw by an ENT physician. After several procedures to alleviate sinus, neck and ear pain, the physician suggested that the root cause may be TMJ. I knew that Dr. Grimshaw had the training and experience to evaluate my symptoms.

“Having been a teeth-grinder for as long as I can remember, I would wake-up in the mornings with an ache in my temple, behind my eyes, and inner-ear. Dr. Grimshaw’s initial evaluation and explanation of the TMJ condition made a lot of sense. The corrective procedure required several visits and an oral appliance was made to return my jaw to the proper position.

“Over my lifetime I’ve moved several times, each time going to a new dentist office. Each dentist would note the wear on my teeth from the grinding/clenching, but Dr. Grimshaw was the first to use a proven procedure to demonstrate and correct the misalignment of my jaw. It’s so refreshing to find a dentist that can handle the routine dental care as well as conditions that are not readily evident.

“Any dental office is a combination of individuals doing specific duties. What stands out about Kuhn Dental Associates is they are the true definition of a team. Everyone is so friendly, while making sure that I receive the proper care. Each visit is a pleasant experience.

“I’m sleeping better at night, and the headaches are gone. I wish I had done this years ago. Thank you, Dr. Grimshaw.”



Patient Testimonials - BurlBurl had his partial dentures replaced and now he has no difficulty eating the foods he likes.

“First of all, everyone is professional, kind and they make you feel like family in their warm and relaxing atmosphere. My family and I love the treatment we’ve received at Kuhn Dental Associates. My quality of life and health are much better, and of course, I can eat anything I like. The final results are great!”



Patient Testimonials - MitchMitch now has the confidence to be around people with his new smile.

“I experienced outstanding treatment at this dental facility. The staff is experienced and easy to talk to. They were wonderful! They took the time to make me feel like a person, and not just a patient. The office was very clean and well-organized. Dr. Kuhn is professional and kind, and his workmanship is outstanding. He explained the process, and gave me a clear understanding of the procedure.

“The receptionist greeted me with a smile, and the assistant properly prepared me for the doctor. The treatment gave me back my smile and confidence. I will always treasure the doctor and staff; they gave me back my quality of life.

“I now have confidence to be around people without feeling ashamed of my appearance.”



Patient Testimonials - BarbaraBarbara has gotten effective relief for her sleep apnea with a comfortable, custom oral appliance.

“The treatment at Kuhn Dental Associates has always been very professional. They listen, explain, and work out solutions to insurance problems.

“The oral appliance that Dr. Grimshaw made for my sleep apnea is very comfortable. She has been there for my evaluation, and anything that needs to be done to tweak the appliance to give me the best result.

“Dr. Grimshaw is very friendly and welcoming and takes care of all my dental problems. My mouth is now in very good condition and my health is better.”



Patient Testimonials - YvonneAfter getting veneers and crowns, Yvonne gets a lot of compliments on her smile.

“I love coming to this dental office because everyone is friendly, kind and professional, and treats me with respect and concern. After having braces at a late age my gums started to recede. I talked with Dr. Grimshaw and we decided I needed caps. I have enjoyed having them for four years and I get a lot of compliments on my smile.

“The procedure was painless and the staff was a pleasure to work with, treating me like family.”



Patient Testimonials - JaniceJanice received dental implants and is happy with her beautiful new smile.

“Everyone at Kuhn Dental Associates has been kind, patient and respectful. They changed my smile and my attitude—they are brilliant! They’re always there when I need them. Dr. Ritt is awesome and an artist as well. I now have beautiful teeth!”



Patient Testimonials - BrittneyBrittney got her teeth straightened comfortably with Invisalign® clear aligners.

“Invisalign was easy and I got great results without having metal braces for years. The dentists and their staff are always so friendly, professional and make me feel welcome.

“The staff always make me feel comfortable by giving me a warm blanket prior to my treatment. I have more confidence in my smile and receive compliments on a daily basis about my smile.”



Patient Testimonials - SpencerSpencer  received veneers from Dr. Grimshaw and she loves her new, beautiful smile.

“Going to Kuhn Dental Associates has been the best dental experience I’ve ever had. Dr. Grimshaw was personable and so welcoming. She explained every procedure in detail, which made me feel comfortable with the process and confident that the results would be exactly what I wanted. Her procedures were comfortable and pain-free. My veneers are perfect and I love my new smile! I’ve receive so many compliments and I would recommend Kuhn Dental Associates to anyone.

“The practice is extremely clean and the staff are warm and really nice and helpful. Very trustworthy. I feel like I have known Dr. Grimshaw forever.”



Additional Testimonials

“Kuhn Dental is absolutely the best dental practice around. I have avoided dentists for more years than I like to admit. It is always such a painful experience. I overheard some ladies talking in my office several years ago about tartar buildup and deep cleaning and I thought I had better go see a dentist soon. I tried one in town but the turnover was tremendous and after awhile I felt like I was being used for training purposes and no matter how much they cleaned, I always seem to need another deep cleaning ( every 3-4months). I saw a Kuhn Dental billboard on my way to work and it talked about sedation. I decided to check them out. It has been almost a year, my dental work is complete and I no longer freeze as I drive up as my fear is gone. My visits have been pain free and I never needed the sedation. Dr Ritt Kuhn is so kind and takes his time to explain your options. I think his work is impeccable. His assistants Pat and Terri are just the best. I have several new teeth and my bite works better than it has for years. And I can’t say enough about Ann, the hygienist. I know I am a grown woman but going to the dentist can make you feel like a child again. Its because of Ann that I knew I was in the right place for great care. Please take the chance like I did. You will not regret it.”


“The best dental office experience I’ve ever had. I am very frightened of the dentist and everyone from the receptionist to the dentist made me feel very comfortable and free from worry. The staff also provided me with a very comprehensive plan of dental work I needed. I would highly recommend this dental practice to anyone.”



“Kuhn Dental Associates consistently provides outstanding care for myself and my family. Their dedication to their patients and outstanding atmosphere is like no other. You are greeted by friendly faces and they know you by name. I would recommend this dental office to everyone. They truly care for their patients and want you to feel at home!”



“Thanks a million! I wanted to thank you for your continued superior care and sense of urgency for my recent dental emergency. The smile you gave me has had countless compliments over the last 2½ years and has given me great confidence. The fact that I came in on a Monday morning and did not wait but two minutes before I was back in a chair is astounding! I will continue to drive thirty minutes to see you all for my future dental services and spread the good word to those I meet. Again, I want to thank each and every one of your associates for providing me with true personal care that is exceptionally above and beyond anyone else’s.”



“Now that I’m at the end of my “Dental Journey”, it’s time to let you know how much I appreciate All of You! I came to you with terrible problems, a paralyzing fear of everything in your office and the end result is nothing short of a miracle. As you (now) know, I am extremely sensitive to pain in my mouth and every single person I dealt with made sure there wasn’t any. If I had any problems, I was seen immediately – even to the extent that Pat or Ashley came in on days off and you gave me your cell number. Every step of the way you explained what was going to happen next so I never experienced the fear that I did at the very beginning of the little adventure. There is no way I can ever express my gratitude to you all for everything you’ve done for me. I will be singing your praises to everyone I can!”

—J. McA


“I can truthfully say that I wish I had come to you at least three years earlier, than I did. I now know how much I appreciate your work. Thanks again for your great work and the big smile you made for me.”

—Mrs. J


“I have been driving from Fayetteville, NC to your very professional dental clinic for more than twenty years. I have always been impressed with the various dental departments you have made available to provide and ensure each patient receives the very best care during each and every visit to your office. Visiting your office is like coming home because I am always relaxed and assured before arriving and after leaving. I will continue to seek the professional dental care provided at your clinic and receive the proverbial divine greetings I have come to expect from you and your wonderful staff.”



“As always, my routine check-up was accomplished with competence and concern.”



“Amazing friendly staff! They make you feel so welcome from the moment you walk in… and as you walk out they have cookies and coffee waiting for you! They are very wonderful and the price is very fair… if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while- this is the office to start going again. I highly recommend them!”



“Some of the nicest people you would ever want to deal with. Dr. Kuhn is such a wonderful kind man and has passed this on to his employees.”



“My treatment, as always, was the BEST! The dentist is my favorite medical professional. Never once have I been greeted with “Good Morning and please step on the scales.”



“You guys ARE THE BEST.”



“Always a pleasant visit because of the wonderful people.”



“Grace was very professional and personable. I told her my concerns, and the cleaning was one of the easiest I’ve had.”



“I have avoided the dentist for many years, but at Kuhn they ensure I am well taken care of and comfortable. Anne is the best, and the overall coordination to treat my TMJ and sleeping issues along with regular dental work has been very well planned out and executed thus far. I highly recommend Dr. Grimshaw and this practice. Especially for those who are nervous about dental work, or have additional issues they need dealt with in a kind and caring manner.”



“I had such a positive first time experience at Kuhn Dental! Not only did they get me in the same day…”

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