Oral Surgery & Extractions in Aberdeen

oral surgery

When teeth simply can't be saved, Dr. Kuhn provides gentle extractions.

Minimally invasive Tooth Extraction

Our doctors take every possible measure to help you keep your natural teeth. However, there are cases when a tooth either cannot be salvaged, or is creating conditions that affect your overall oral health. When this is the case, Dr. Kuhn will carefully and gently extract your damaged tooth, using a minimally invasive approach of removing the tooth in segments.

Keeping you comfortable

To ensure your comfort, we offer both oral and IV sedation, as well as NuCalm procedure for relaxation without narcotics. Our entire team is dedicated to keeping you comfortable. We offer warm blankets, noise-cancelling headphones and lavender-scented towels.

Learn more about our methods for Comfort & Sedation.

Preserving sockets with bone grafts

bone graft

Socket preservation provides a solid foundation for anchoring dental implants.

When a tooth is extracted, a socket is left empty. To fill this socket and to reduce post-extraction bone loss, minimize bleeding and speed up the healing process, Dr. Ritt Kuhn uses a socket preservation procedure. During this procedure the empty socket is filled with a bone grafting material called Allograft. This preservation procedure is also known as ridge preservation, a socket graft or an extraction socket graft.

Preparation for Dental Implants

For patients who wish to have the extracted tooth replaced with a dental implant, socket preservation provides a solid foundation for the implant post. In many cases, Dr. Kuhn can place a dental implant immediately following tooth extraction. Allograft is placed at the same time as the implant. It stimulates bone regeneration to create a solid foundation for the implant post to bond with.

Gentle oral surgery

When teeth are lost due to injury or extraction, a gap is left in the jawbone. While the gums will heal and cover the gap, the jawbone usually has high and low points that cause restorations, such as dentures, to rub painfully against the higher ridges.

Alveoplasty is a surgical procedure that smooths the jawbone to prepare for dentures. In addition to creating a surface for a denture to fit comfortably, alveoplasty helps control bleeding and speed healing because the gums are sutured after the procedure.

To expedite healing and prevent infection, we may also use Arestin® time-released antibiotic therapy.

$55 New Patient Special Offer Exam, X-rays and Consultation

dental implants to replace missing teeth

If you think you might need a dental extraction, schedule an appointment for exam, X-rays and consultation. We will conduct a thorough exam including:

  • Comprehensive oral exam
  • 3D Dental CT Scan
  • Full-mouth digital X-rays
  • Full series of digital photos
  • CT of head and airway
  • Extraoral head and neck exam
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Periodontal exam
  • Restorative exam (check for decay in existing crowns, fillings, bridges)
  • Check for bite alignment and TMJ issues
  • Get your questions answered

(A $331 Value)

To make an appointment, call 910-218-9699 or click here to request an appointment online.