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Brush Your Teeth

Brush and Floss

Flossing your teeth every day could add 6.4 years to your life, according to Dr. Michael Rozien.  Dr. Rozien, in his book, Real/Age, lists flossing as one of the most important daily activities, along with exercise and quitting smoking that could extend your life span.  Rozien is convinced that oral health  is connected  to overall health. To read more visit:

Researchers suspect that bacteria that produce dental plaque enter the bloodstream.  They say these bacteria are associated with inflammation that occurs with plaque that blocks blood vessels and causes heart disease.  Other researchers have found links between oral bacteria and stroke, diabetes and the birth of pre-term or low weight  babies.

In addition to preventing disease, flossing and brushing can help keep your pearly whites intact for more than just cosmetic reasons.

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