One Day Porcelain Crowns

Did you know Kuhn Dental offers One Day Crowns? With the Cerec digital system there are no more messy impressions and you do not have to wear a temporary crown while you wait three weeks for your permanent crown to be made in a dental laboratory. This saves you the time, money and hassle associated […]

How Cavities Form

Did you know your teeth are part of a complex ecosystem filled with saliva and bacteria?  By eating lots of sugar you feed the bacteria and they grow and produce acid. This acid slowly eats away at  your teeth’s enamel and creates a cavity. Tooth decay is the result of an infection with certain types […]


Temperature extremes shouldn’t be painful to your teeth. If you wince when sipping or eating hot or cold food , then you probably have “sensitive teeth”.  Sensitivity to temperature can have many causes. Cavities Tooth grinding Worn enamel Exposed roots Chipped or cracked teeth If your teeth are causing you pain, call your dentist today to […]

One Visit Crowns

Porcelain crowns in one visit. Using digital impressions, Kuhn Dental can design your crown with Cerec software. We send the digital image to the milling machine, which creates a durable porcelain crown. The milling machine used a single block of high quality porcelain that is similar to your natural tooth enamel.  We will choose the shape, […]

When you go for your dental cleaning appointment, do you hate having to lie?

 “Been flossing,” asks the hygienist. “Sometimes,” you answer, which can mean once a month, once a week or just before the appointment, right?  Dental professionals can tell if a person has been flossing correctly or not. The key word here is correctly. I want to make you aware, not guilty.  Did you ever notice there […]

Dentists are Disease Detectives

Early detection of medical conditions is happening in dental offices.  More than 120 disease signs and symptoms can now be detected through a routine oral exam.  This is why regular dental checkups are more important than ever. Oral clues that may indicate a serious health issue: Anemia: Burning, fiery red tongue, inflammation of the corners […]

What is Oral Health?

What Is Oral Health, Anyway? A healthy mouth has pink firm gums, the tongue is pink and not coated, and the teeth are clean and have minimal or no plaque deposits. A healthy mouth smells clean and fresh and is free from gum diseases and other disorders – including oral cancer. Isn’t that what everybody […]

Dangerous Effects

Smoking damages teeth and gums Every chance we get, we remind our patients about the negative effects of tobacco – increased risk of cancers, high blood pressure, and heart disease – things you usually associate with age. But tooth loss should never be associated with age… The Academy Of General Dentistry reports that pack-a-day smokers […]

Toothpaste History

A Brief History of Toothpaste Did you know that oral hygiene was a top priority in society as early as 5000 BC? Even though the brands of toothpaste that we have today are the most effective in preventing oral disease, the concoctions up until now haven’t been too far off. Take a ride on a […]

Healthy Lifestyle Tip

Oral Hygiene and Health – Flossing your teeth every day could add 6.4 years to your life, according to Dr. Michael Rozien.  Dr. Rozien, in his book, Real/Age, lists flossing as one of the most important daily activities, along with exercise and quitting smoking that could extend your life span.  Rozien is convinced that oral […]