Teeth Grinding

Do you grind your teeth? Teeth grinding, called bruxism, can damage your teeth, cause face and jaw pain and headaches.  Side effects of teeth grinding include tooth loss, jaw pain, TMJ and facial changes.  Over time grinding your teeth can cause you to need crowns or dental implants. Causes of grinding vary and can include […]


Temperature extremes shouldn’t be painful to your teeth. If you wince when sipping or eating hot or cold food , then you probably have “sensitive teeth”.  Sensitivity to temperature can have many causes. Cavities Tooth grinding Worn enamel Exposed roots Chipped or cracked teeth If your teeth are causing you pain, call your dentist today to […]


HEADACHES – ASK YOUR DENTIST   Dr. Grimshaw can help treat your headaches.  Improper occlusion (bite) may play a significant role in certain types of headaches.  The muscles of the temple area of the forehead play an important part in the posturing and closing of the jaw.  If your occlusion is not right, it can […]