False Teeth

What is False About False Teeth? There is a false belief that when someone gets false teeth or dentures, they are through going to the dentist or spending money on their mouth. False teeth are made of plastic and like anything else, plastic doesn’t last forever. Dentures break and crack over time. Additionally, after the […]

All-On-Four Dental Implants

Are your teeth falling out — have they already fallen out?  Dr. Ritt Kuhn can help with a procedure called All-On-Four which includes 4 dental implants and a secure over denture. With this procedure you will have teeth in a day that function like “real” teeth and look wonderful. You will have more confidence and […]

Mini Dental Implants

Did you know that dentistry has evolved tremendously in recent years?  The improvement of dental procedures most rewarding for dental patients is a new system of making loose dentures tight again called mini-dental implants. Dentists in the past have had problems with their patients who have, because of age or disease, suffered bone loss making […]

Dental Implant Benefits

Missing teeth are a problem. Dental implant benefits include replacing missing teeth and the implant will last a long time. With implants you can chew better, eat what you want and smile with confidence. Dental implants replace the root with a titanium screw and a crown on top and they help preserve the jawbone. We […]

Mini-Implant Dentures

Do you have loose uncomfortable dentures?  Stabilizing them with mini-implant dentures can be an excellent solution. Your denture is held in place  by narrow implants placed in the jaw.  The denture snaps onto the implants in your jaw keeping the denture secure in your mouth, but allowing you to remove it when necessary. The procedure involves […]

Facelift Dentures

  Strickland Facelift Dentures™  are designed for comfort, fit and functionality, allowing the wearer to eat the foods they want. As the name implies, they also offer cosmetic benefits, providing the underlying facial support that plumps lips and helps fill out the face. With natural teeth, bone material in the jaw is stimulated by the […]

Dangerous Effects

Smoking damages teeth and gums Every chance we get, we remind our patients about the negative effects of tobacco – increased risk of cancers, high blood pressure, and heart disease – things you usually associate with age. But tooth loss should never be associated with age… The Academy Of General Dentistry reports that pack-a-day smokers […]

Conventional Dentures

When all your upper or lower teeth are missing, a full  denture is a good treatment for replacing them.  With proper home care and regular adjustments and relines, your denture can provide a functional bite and natural looking smile. The benefits of  a full denture are many.  Dentures enable you to eat nutritious foods more […]

If Your Teeth Could Talk

The mouth offers clues to disease throughout the body. Gums:  Red, puffy and inflamed gums are common during pregnancy. Tiny red hemorrhages with spontaneous bleeding may indicate Lukemia. Periodontal disease, in which gums pull away from the teeth, can signal diabetes, cardiovascular problems and respiratory diseases. Be sure to visit your dentist at least twice […]

Total Health

Healthy Mouth — Healthy Body Mouth Body Connection      Many studies have shown the connection between gingivitis – gum inflammation and other inflammatory diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and respiratory infections. Periodontitis can affect your general health and it can be affected by your general health.  The team at Kuhn Dental Associates encourages […]