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Oral Appliance Therapy

Oral Appliance Therapy: Changing Lives by Improving Health

To understand how oral appliance therapy provides health benefits above and beyond the obvious ones related to the alignment of your teeth and jaws, it’s important to first realize the connection between sleep apnea and {{{{link id='50430' text='snoring' esc_html='false'}}}}. An Aberdeen, NC dentist who practices neuromuscular dentistry will often treat your malocclusion with an [...]

The Most Common Complaints About CPAP

When you’re diagnosed with sleep apnea, there’s a good chance your doctor will recommend Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy (CPAP) as your treatment option. Although CPAP can successfully treat sleep apnea, it isn’t the perfect treatment for every patient. Some people have no problems with CPAP while others aren’t so lucky. They actually have [...]