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Sleep Apnea

OSA Treatment Linked to Improved Cardiovascular Health

Many people are extremely committed to a healthy lifestyle, doing everything in their power to reduce or eliminate their chances of developing one of the numerous daily maladies humans are subject to. We exercise, we eat healthy, we avoid alcohol, we don’t smoke cigarettes, and we keep regular appointments with all of our healthcare [...]

Nighttime Changes May Reduce Chances of Developing Sleep Apnea

Last month, the article offered some tips to have a healthier lifestyle in hopes of minimizing your Obstructive Sleep Apnea symptoms. This month, we will look more closely at some nighttime changes you can make to reduce your chances of developing Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).  If you feel you have sleep apnea, or a [...]

Better Sleep with Healthier Living? It Can Happen!

We all know the drill: eat fewer calories, avoid carbs, exercise more, drink less alcohol, don’t smoke, keep a regular schedule, and get a good night’s sleep. In an ideal world, we would all: Land in our appropriate weight range Have a low BMI (body mass index) Sleep eight hours a night Minimize alcohol [...]