Once you reach your forties and beyond, it seems like everywhere you turn, you’re getting ads to make your appearance look younger. Whether it’s with plastic surgery, creams, or fad diets, it’s never-ending. We completely understand the pressure you might feel to look younger. In most cases though, it’s not societal pressure, you just miss being young. What if we told you the secret to looking younger wasn’t with special creams or plastic surgery, it’s actually your teeth?

If you wear dentures and you’re not entirely happy with their fit, function, or appearance, replacing them with new dentures might be just what you need to look younger.

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Signs You Need New Dentures

Is it worth the money to replace your dentures? Your dentures might already show signs that they need replacement but you didn’t know. Here are a few signs that you need to replace your dentures.

Broken Teeth

One of the biggest signs you need new dentures is if the teeth start breaking or even falling out. If a tooth falls out, don’t try to repair it yourself. Just remember, if one tooth breaks, more are likely to follow.

Difficulty Chewing

One of the purposes of dentures is to allow you to eat without difficulty again. If your dentures make chewing difficult, they’re defeating their purpose. You need new dentures.

Chips or Cracks

If your dentures get a chip or crack, it’s more than likely more damage will occur in the future. Your dentist can repair the chips and cracks, but you will eventually need to replace your dentures.


Your dentures shouldn’t feel uncomfortable to wear. If you want to pull them out of your mouth after a few hours due to discomfort, you need better dentures.

Fit Changes

Your dentures might change in fit over time and as they change you should have them adjusted. At some point though, their fit might be so off that you need to replace them. Otherwise, they will easily fall out of your mouth.

Pressure Sores

When your dentures don’t fit properly, they can cause pressure sores to happen on your gums. Pressure sores occur on your gums in the area where your dentures put the most pressure. This shouldn’t happen. They should distribute their pressure evenly.

Facial Shape Changes and Premature Aging

When you wear dentures that don’t apply any neuromuscular principles to their design, your facial features aren’t receiving the support they need after you lose your natural teeth. This can cause your skin to become loose which results in sagging skin on the lower third of your face and more wrinkles around your mouth. Your lips and cheeks will also lose their volume. This can result in looking older than your biological age. New dentures can help you regain your youth by providing your facial structure with support.

FOY® Dentures Can Help You Look Younger

FOY® Dentures are dentures that replace your teeth and also rejuvenate your appearance. They use neuromuscular principles to restore your facial dimensions to their original shape before you lost your teeth. FOY® Dentures will help support your facial features which means you will instantly have fewer wrinkles, less loose skin, and more volume in your cheeks and lips. Your face will look full instead of sunken in. With all these amazing benefits, you will look years younger! FOY® Dentures give you all the benefits of a facelift but without serious surgery.

Your new dentures will also give you better-looking teeth. We will design your new teeth with your facial features in mind. We will ensure that the shape of your teeth and their color look natural and complement your appearance. 

As a bonus, FOY® Dentures will also fit better than any other dentures on the market. They’re custom-made to fit your jaw. Their custom-fit also helps the dentures put pressure on your jaw bone when you chew instead of on your gums like with traditional dentures. You can expect more stability and security when eating, speaking, and smiling. FOY® Dentures offer an optimal fit and functionality that will improve your confidence and help you feel and look younger.

Get New Dentures in Pinehurst

If your current dentures are too big for your face, look unnatural, fit uncomfortably, or cause you to look older than your biological age, you need new dentures. FOY® Dentures can give you back the smile of your youth and improve your quality of life. You can even pair FOY® Dentures with dental implants for even more stability and benefits.

We also offer other dentures options at our Pinehurst dental office if FOY® Dentures aren’t the best option for you. Please give Kuhn Dental Associates a call at (910) 692-4450 to book a consultation with our dentures dentists today. Shaving years off your appearance is just a few appointments away!