Healthy gums are the foundation of a great smile.  While flossing and brushing are key, new research shows that eating these five foods can help keep your gums in the pink.

A plate of cooked salmon


This fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce inflammation all over the body.  A study found that people who ate the most omega-3’s slashed their risk of gingivitis.


They’re bursting with vitamin C, which builds collagen an important  component of healthy gum tissue. In fact, people who consume less than 60 milligrams of C each day (the amount in six large strawberries) are 150% more likely to develop gingivitis.

Whole-grain Bread

Whole grains contain iron and B vitamins – nutrients essential to gum health.

Green Tea

Hot or iced, this brew is brimming with anti-oxidants that kill the bacteria that lead to gum disease.  Bonus: The beverage also wipes out the germs that cause bad breath.


These nuts are rich in the antioxidant CoQ10, shown to fight gum disease.

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