Make your Implants Last!

Crowns, bridges, attachments and dentures supported by Dental Implants can come under attack by the same bacteria that tries to burrow under the gums. Infection with this bacteria can lead to loss of the implant.  Implant health is directly dependent on the health of the tissue surrounding the implant which is why periodic cleaning and inspection of implants is so important.

In time, bacterial biofilm or plaque will form around implant crowns just as it does around natural teeth. If this biofilm is not removed then an infection in the gums around the implant can form, called peri-implantitis.  This infectiion can result in loss of the bone around the implant and eventual failure of the implant.

Your investment in dental implants needs to be monitored and maintained with appropriate care. A preventive care regime, that includes specific check-ups with evaluation of the implant and related crown or denture is essential to keeping the implant healthy.

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