There is a false belief that when someone gets false teeth or dentures, they are through going to the dentist or spending money on their mouth. False teeth are made of plastic and like anything else, plastic doesn’t last forever. Dentures break and crack over time. Additionally, after the bone under the denture deteriorates, the plates no longer fit and can become painful.

There is a false belief that because Uncle Joe had false teeth and could eat anything in the world, that everyone and anyone could do the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone comes in different shapes with different personalities, types of bone, kinds of chewing habits, etc.

It is false to think just because one gets old, they are going to have to wear false teeth. Nothing is further from the truth here, too. I have many patients in their 70s, 80s and 90s who still have their natural teeth. Why? Because they took care of their teeth and had genetics on their side.

Older woman shows off her amazing dentures

It is also a false belief that all dentists are the same, especially when it comes to making well-fitting set of dentures. Dentures are probably the most difficult of all dental services to do well, especially on a consistent basis. In fact, because of the difficulty, a large percentage of dentists don’t even offer the service.

It is true there are individuals with no teeth who can wear just about anything and make it work. They are what dentists call adaptors. There are stories of people using dentures they got from garage sales or funeral homes. I have seen tons of horrible dentures that patients use to eat anything and everything.

If you are an adaptor, you can get by with bad dentures. If you are not an adaptor, your dresser drawers may be full of plates that never worked.

Stop and think about this. From the base of your nose to the tip of your chin amounts to one-third of your face.

The teeth, both upper and lower, take up 18-20 millimeters of that space. When all the teeth are gone and the jaw closes down, the chin moves up to touch the nose. Not only does the chin touch the nose, the cheeks, upper and lower, sink in. Dentures can be responsible for replacing a third of your face.

  • If false teeth are made too small, the following can be observed:
  • The lips become small and thin and curl under toward the teeth. If you have seen women who constantly have lipstick on their teeth; it’s because the denture or natura
  • Teeth do not support the lower third of the face.
  • The upper lip doesn’t seem natural. It’s too small, thin and wrinkled.
  • There is a crease between the bottom of the chin and the lower lip.
  • When the patient smiles, you cannot see the teeth.

If false teeth are made too big

  • Way too much teeth show even when not smiling. When smiling, all you see are teeth and gums. These dentures scream “False Teeth.”
  • Both upper and lower lips protrude.
  • The chin is too far from the nose.

If a denture is properly made

  • It is so natural and beautiful, no one can tell it is a denture.
  • The profile of the face is natural.
  • The lips are full with less wrinkles.

The basic rule of getting a proper fitting, beautiful denture are

  • Having enough bone for a denture to sit on. Implants are the most wonderful thing for denture wearers (but that topic is for another article).
  • Find the right dentist for you. It takes time to make a beautiful, well-fitting denture. Trust between doctor and patient is imperative.
  • The denture is usually made in a dental lab and the quality must be exquisite as seen in the photo.
  • The bottom line is a proper fitting denture is more expensive than an improper made set of false teeth.
  • The dentist you choose should stand behind their work.

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