Early detection of medical conditions is happening in dental offices.  More than 120 disease signs and symptoms can now be detected through a routine oral exam.  This is why regular dental checkups are more important than ever.

Oral clues that may indicate a serious health issue:

Anemia: Burning, fiery red tongue, inflammation of the corners of mouth.

Diabetes: Dry mouth, distinctive breath odor, burning tongue, high rate of tooth decay, inflammation and infections in the mouth.

Anorexia nervosa and bulimia: Chemical erosion of tooth enamel, fillings that appear to be raised above the eroded tooth surfaces, sensitive teeth, enlargement of parotid glands making the face look full and round.

Kidney Failure: Retarded tooth development in children, dry mouth, odor, metallic taste and ulcers on the tongue and gums.

Heart Disease: Pain radiating to the jaw caused by insufficient oxygen to the heart muscle. See more information https://kuhndentist.com/the-heart-connection.html

Oral Cancer: examinations of the oral cavity and neck.  Cancers of the mouth, tongue and jaw are usually first discovered during dental examinations. See more information http://oralcancerfoundation.org/