If you know you need or think you might need a dental crown, you have many options in the Aberdeen, NC area. However, if you are looking for quality, convenience, and value from your dental crowns, you should consider getting CEREC crowns at Kuhn Dental. CEREC crowns offer many benefits, and Dr. Mandy Grimshaw is highly skilled at getting the best out of CEREC restorations.

Here are some of the benefits you would enjoy with CEREC crowns from Kuhn Dental.

cerec crowns in a day benefits

CEREC Gives You Options

One of the great things about CEREC is its highly versatile technology that gives you more options than traditional crowns.

First, with CEREC, you can choose between crowns and other types of restorations. A dentist might have recommended a crown, but in some cases, high-quality ceramic fillings (inlays and onlays) might work just as well while preserving more of your natural tooth enamel.

If you and Dr. Grimshaw decide that crowns are still the best option for you, you have more options in the process of designing your dental crowns. All the design work is in-house, so if you want, you can give input into what you think your dental crown should look like.

Digital Impressions

From the earliest plaster to the latest plastic foam, many people find physical impressions uncomfortable. You bite down into the impression trays and hold your bite until the material sets. This makes some people gag, while others get sore from holding their jaw. Plus, if you can’t keep still, you can mess up the impression. You’ll have to start again.

With CEREC, we use digital impressions. We wave a wand over your teeth, and the computer constructs a 3D impression of your mouth. There are no messy trays to bite down on, and the process takes a minute or two.

Crowns in One Visit

Of course, one of the best benefits of CEREC crowns is that you will get your crowns in a single visit. You don’t have to make a second appointment, which means that CEREC crowns fit into your busy schedule. For many people, the convenience of fewer dental appointments is beneficial enough.

No Temporary Crowns

Temporary crowns are necessary for traditional crown procedures. You wear them while the lab is making your new dental crowns. Temporary crowns usually look good, but they are flimsy, and some don’t make it the few weeks until your permanent crown is ready. Temporary crowns that come off or break mean even more dental appointments.

Since you are getting your dental crowns in a single visit, there’s no need to wear temporary dental crowns. Instead, you will get your permanent dental crowns right away, so you can enjoy their beauty and durability.

Precise Fit

The digital scans give us a precise measurement of your teeth, only about four ten-thousandths of an inch off. The computer-controlled milling machine then creates crowns that match the impressions and design to give a fit that is generally better than that of crowns made in the lab.

All-Ceramic Crowns

CEREC crowns are all-ceramic crowns. There is no need to have porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) or metal crowns to get strong, durable dental crowns. This helps reduce the amount of metal in your mouth, reducing the risk of rust, galvanic circuits that shock, tooth sensitivity, or metallic flavors.

Natural Appearance

The ceramic in CEREC crowns look very natural. It has the same luster as your natural teeth, and with the ability for precise color matching, it will look just like your natural teeth.

No Miscommunication

Whenever two people have to share information about a procedure, there is a risk of miscommunication. It can happen with lab-made dental crowns. Although it’s rare, it can be a nuisance when we get your dental crown back from the lab and learn that it is not what we requested, either in color, style, or fit. Then, you’ll have to wait another week or two and make a new appointment before getting your crown.

With CEREC crowns, we do all the work at our office. It’s simply you and Dr. Grimshaw working together, so there’s no risk of miscommunication.

Long-lasting Restorations

CEREC restorations last as long as lab-made crowns. You can expect them to last ten years or more! They can even last much longer than that with proper care,

Easy Replacement

With CEREC dental crowns, the entire design and manufacturing process is digital. This means that we can save a copy of the scans, designs, and more from your dental crown. We have them on hand in case you need a replacement. As we noted above, CEREC crowns can be very long-lasting. After 10 years or so, we would probably want to start fresh. Still, suppose you experience a mishap and your dental crown breaks or is lost relatively soon. In that case, we can simply manufacture a new one using the old files, making replacement very convenient.

Find Out If CEREC Crowns Are Right for You in Aberdeen, NC

If you need a new dental crown in Aberdeen, NC, you should consider the benefits of CEREC crowns. If these seem like they might be a good choice, Dr. Grimshaw will be happy to help you get the best restorations.

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