Whether you need to replace one tooth or your whole smile, our Aberdeen office can help. We offer full-size Dental Implants Aberdeen alongside mini dental implants. This means we can help you with your smile no matter what your situation. And because delivering state-of-the-art care is one of our highest priorities, we can complete your implant procedures right in our office. Comfort and convenience—just two more additions you can make to our Aberdeen office’s list of services. New Teeth in One Day and Mini Dental Implants Full-size dental implants are a great way to transform a smile that needs a single tooth, a bridge, or a complete denture. But because they require greater bone density, they aren’t right for everyone. Thankfully, with the New Teeth in One Day procedure and mini dental implants, patients who need dentures aren’t limited to a life of adhesive creams. Aided by four small implant posts, the New Teeth in One Day procedure gets the most out of the bone you do have. Plus, its affordability can make it an even more attractive alternative for patients. In some cases, your existing dentures can even be retrofitted with snaps used to secure them to dental implants. Want another option for implant-supported dentures? Sure! Our office also offers mini dental implants. In just a short office visit, we can lay the groundwork for your new smile. And just as with full-size dental implants and New Teeth in One Day, mini dental implants can return you to the life you’ve been missing. Saving Smiles and Restoring Confidence with Dental Implants You want a healthy smile that looks and feels natural. By offering more options, more of our patients can leave our office feeling confident and excited about their smile’s future. For questions or to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Kuhn or one of our other doctors, call our office today. Finally, the smile of your dreams can be yours! in Aberdeen is right for you.