Image demonstrating before and after gum disease treatment at Kuhn DentalDid you know that gum disease affects oral tissues and is caused by bacteria that live on the tooth root under the gums? If left untreated, this bacteria cause chronic infection of the gums and eventually bone loss. To help patients recognize common signs of gum disease, Kuhn Dental Associates has created this easy gum health quiz.

Take the test below to see how many of these signs you have.

Yes = 1 Point, No = 0 Points

  • Add them up to get your results. Good Luck!
  • Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth?
  • Have the spaces between your teeth changed recently?
  • Do you have any loose teeth?
  • Are your teeth sensitive to drinking cold water?
  • Anyone ever told you that you have bad breath?
  • Any red, swollen or sensitive gums?
  • Has a dentist or dental hygienist every told you that you have periodontitis (gum disease) or gingivitis (inflamed gums)?
  • BONUS: Two point question! After you floss all your teeth and spit in the sink, do you see any ‘pink in the sink’?


1-2: Not bad, keep flossing!

3-4: Schedule a dental cleaning, floss every day for a week and take this test again to measure your progress.

5- 6: Sounds like trouble is brewing. Learn more about gum disease and your treatment options by call Kuhn Dental Associates at 910-692-4450 or visit us at